Degree Requirements


The Master of Design at York offers students an exceptional opportunity to hone and refine their skills as design leaders and innovators, developing and substantially expanding their creative potential.  The two-year experience begins with coursework and culminates in a thesis project that reflects each student's personal direction for design practice.

All students must complete a total of nine courses:

  • Six Core Courses (completed by the end of the second term)
    • GS/MDES 5101 3.0   Design Theory & Criticism [Fall Term]
    • GS/MDES 5108 3.0   Design Studio 1 [Fall Term]
    • GS/MDES 5109 3.0   Design Studio 2 [Winter Term]
    • GS/MDES 5102 3.0   Design Issues [Fall Term]
    • GS/MDES 5104 3.0   Design Research Methods [Winter Term]
    • GS/MDES 5106 1.5   Graduate Seminar: Design [Fall Term]
    • GS/MDES 5107 1.5   Graduate Seminar: Design [Fall Term]
  • Two Elective Courses (normally completed by the end of the fourth term)
    • In order to encourage the development of an individual program of study, each student must select two electives.
    • Elective requirements are satisfied by courses chosen from among the offerings of other graduate programs at York University (with permission from both programs), or from the list of MDes Elective Courses.
  • Only one elective may be chosen from:
    • MDES 5402 3.0  Type in Motion
    • MDES 5403 3.0   Advanced Topics in Interactivity
    • MDES 5405 3.0   Book Design
    • MDES 5407 3.0   Corporate Identity Design
    • MDES 5408 3.0   Information Design 4
    • MDES 5409 3.0   Building a Discipline