MDes Students


First-year students

Angeline Buck

Angeline is a rising designer fascinated by the strategic business aspect of design. While working as a graphic designer in Toronto and in Zurich, Switzerland, Angeline has gained valuable experience in advertising. Angeline’s ultimate goal is to become a Creative Director. She is passionate about educating people on climate change and hopes to lead change through design. 

Carmela Cammisuli

Carmela Cammisuli is a designer, art director, and an abstract expressionist artist. She is currently pursuing her Master of Design at York University in Toronto to advance her knowledge in design and to pursue teaching in the future. Carmela has obtained a Certificate in Arts and Design Foundations and a Diploma in Graphic Design from George Brown College. She continued her studies and completed a Bachelor of Creative Advertising from Humber College. Aside from her love and passion for art and design, Carmela also likes to explore the realms of abstract art, creative writing, sports, and traveling.

Andrea Giambelli

Andrea Giambelli is an Italian designer, currently pursuing his Master of Design at York University. A graduate of Politecnico di Milano (BS and MS in Architecture), he gained experience in architectural and graphic design during a two-year collaboration with a renowned Milanese firm, and through several freelance projects. His research interests span from corporate identity and branding to data visualization. His work is driven by a constant will to explore different expressive mediums and creative disciplines. 

Xi Mo

Xi Mo is an illustrator and visual artist now studying in the Master of Design program at York University. Xi’s current research interests are in applying her artistic expertise into the design, with the goal of improving visual communication and enhancing the user experience through the emotional affection of art. Specifically, Xi wants to apply illustration, with personal interests in traditional Chinese ink brush painting and pop art elements, into graphic design and digital media.

Saarah Saghir

Saarah Saghir is a visual artist and designer who explores the space between digital and print media and its potential to create new experiences at the crossroads of art and design. Working with illustration, typography, and motion design, she is interested in exploring our connection with the natural world.

Aala Sharfi

Aala Sharfi is an architecture graduate from the University of Nottingham in the UK.  Her multicultural background has led her to grow an interest in topics of identity and the representation of culture as well as bilingual design. She is interested in practicing within the intersection of graphic design and architecture to explore placemaking and the creation of narratives and experiences.

Egor Sokolov

Egor Sokolov is a Toronto-based visual designer. Through his use of digital and analog mediums, including intaglio, silkscreen, letterpress, installation, typography, editorial, and packaging, he explores themes of memory, transition, change, reconnection, and stability.


Frank Zhang

Frank is a working airbrush artist and the founder of Airbrush4u Design and Supply Inc. He graduated from OCAD University in 2001 as an illustrator. He has been working as a commercial airbrush artist since 1999. He uses airbrush as an alternative tool to provide the custom design solution in today’s mass production, digital-based design environment. He is currently enrolled in the Master of Design program at York University. His goal is to expand his knowledge in conceptual thinking, to adapt his practical experience to the fast-changing technological and sociological world, and to discover his role as an artist and designer in the social and cultural context. 

Shenghui (Sarah) Zou

Sarah is a recent graduate of OCAD University Graphic Design, specialized in Strategic Branding, Visual Identity, and Packaging Design. With a heart for illustration and photography, Sarah expresses her idea through the intersection of design and art. She believes in developing visual solutions of real emotional connection.

Second-year students

Nadine Arseneault

Nadine Arseneault is currently working on her Masters of Design at York University. She combines more than 2 decades of experience in editorial design and a new certificate in Marketing from the University of Toronto – School of Continuing Studies. Also working on certificates in Digital Marketing Management and Brand Journalism/Multimedia Storytelling at the University of Toronto – School of Continuing Studies. She is principal at Bakersfield Visual Communications Inc. specializing in publications design and social media strategy for education institutions, business associations, and publishers.

Jesse King

Jesse King is an emerging Aboriginal artist based in Toronto, Canada. He recently completed an undergraduate photography degree at OCAD University. Jesse is now pursuing his Master degree in Design at York University. His work frequently explores the many facets of identity, including discussions of queerness, gender, and the importance of cultural representation and how artwork is so closely tied to the very core of culture. Jesse’s work has been exhibited internationally in Berlin, Germany and Tampere, Finland. His work has been printed in several independent publications including fashion magazines such as Wonderland Magazine.

Arezoo Motavally

Arezoo Motavally received her bachelor in graphic design in Iran and obtained her advance diploma from Seneca College in graphic design. Her research interest is on typography both in Latin and Farsi and research on nationalism and internationalism and their role in the design world. Her thesis project looks into the design strategy of Minimalist Design for the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).