Admission Requirements

composite image of many samples of print designs

Eligibility for admission to the MDes Program requires the following:

  1. Four-year undergraduate honours degree or equivalent in design or a design-related field
  2. At least a B (second class) standing
  3. Design Portfolio
    • The portfolio should include between ten and fifteen (10-15) pieces that can be uploaded as a PDF in the portfolio section of your online application (2.5 MB limit)
    • If the portfolio is a URL, this address can be uploaded in a PDF file. 
    • Please ensure that your portfolio can be viewed using a Mac computer. Also include the title, date of completion, medium/technical information, and a description of each piece.
  4.  Statement
    • A statement of 500-750 words that addresses your interests and reasons for applying to a graduate program at this time and a description of the current direction of your design interests.
    • Please include a list of Design Faculty members that you would be interested in working with.
  5. Curriculum Vitae
  6. Three letters of recommendation submitted online through the Office of Admission's Application Services
  7. Two copies of official transcripts from all universities or colleges attended (excluding York University)
  8. Demonstration of English proficiency for students whose first language is not English
  9. Application fee

Applicants that do not meet the above educational requirements but show exceptional promise through their experience, portfolio, and written statement may be recommended for admission to the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

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