Thesis Projects and Alumni

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Thesis Projects

The repository for past design thesis papers completed 2014 to now can be found here.


Richard Hunt, MDES (York U) 2007

  • Current: Associate Professor, OCAD University, Toronto, Canada

Deb Lau-Yu, MDES (York U), 2008

  • Current: Co-Founder, Art Director & Principal, PALETTERA Custom Correspondences; Editor-in-Chief at Fête Chinoise Magazine; VP Brand, The Ferris Wheel Press, Markham, Canada

Renee Lung, MDES (York U), 2008

  • Current: Software Engineer, PagerDuty, San Francisco, USA

Brian Banton, MDES (York U) 2010

  • Current: Creative Director, Creative Studio SAP, Toronto, Canada

Karen Kwan, MDES (York U) 2010

  • Current: Learning and Design Consultant, BMO Bank of Montreal, Toronto, Canada

Oleg Portnoy, MDES (York U) 2010

  • Current: Design Director, Pound & Grain, Toronto, Canada

Brad Tober, MDES (York U) 2011

  • Current: Director of Product Design, Publicis Groupe, Boston, USA

Kevin Paolozzi, MDES (York U) 2011

  • Current: Associate Partner, IBM Consulting, Austin, USA

Hyuna Park, MDES (York U) 2011

  • Current: Assistant Professor, Texas State University, Texas, USA

Bianca DiPietro, MDES (York U) 2011

  • Current: HelloFresh, Creative Lead, Hamilton, Canada

Kaila Jacques, MDES (York U) 2012

  • Current: Creative Director, Briteweb, Toronto, Canada

James March, MDES (York U) 2012

  • Current: Professor, Sheridan College, Oakville, Canada

Franziska Erlebach, MDES (York U) 2013

  • Current: Design Director, Ogilvy, Toronto, Canada

Michael Fan, MDES (York U) 2014

  • Current: Digital Production Designer, The Ontario Cabinet Office, Toronto, Canada

Marie-Noëlle Hébert, MDES (York U) 2014

  • Current: Designer, LOKI, Montreal, Canada

Saskia van Kampen, MDES (York U) 2014

  • Current: Assistant Professor, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, USA

Nancy Snow, MDES (York U) 2014

  • Current: Associate Professor, Graphic Design Program Chair, OCAD University, Toronto, Canada

Malika Soin, MDES (York U) 2014

  • Current: Creative Director, Purpose Investments, Toronto, Canada

Philippe Jean, MDES (York U) 2015

  • Current: Senior Product Designer, Shopify, Vancouver, Canada

Francis Benoit, MDES (York U) 2017

  • Current: Product Designer, GSoft, Montreal, Canada

Aala Sharfi, MDES (York U) 2019

  • Current: Designer, BOND, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Frank Zhang, MDES (York U) 2019

  • Current: Creative Director, Spectra Art and Design, Toronto

Lucy Bilson, MDES (York U) 2020

  • Current: Doctoral Student Critical Studies in Improvisation Program, University of Guelph, Guelph, Canada

Helen Yaqing Han, MDES (York U) 2020

  • Current: Doctoral Student Faculty of Education, York University, Toronto, Canada