Prospective Students

image of students around a horseshoe table with work displayed in front of them

The Master of Design (MDes) program is a two-year, practice-based program that investigates cultural, social and technological dimensions of design, information design, interaction design, motion graphics and design studies within the parameters of Design. It prepares graduates for careers as designers, design theorists/researchers and educators by engaging students in design practice, theory, methodology, research, design thinking and critical making strategies. The program offers strong supportive design studies courses which provide a foundation for doctoral studies in the rapidly developing area of Design Research.

Graduate students will ideally be able to leave with a MDes degree prepared to enter professional design practice or academia as an advanced thinker and creative maker.

During the 2-year program, students will be encouraged to:

  • Develop a clear sense about future intentions and ambitions.
  • Conceptualize a project informed by critical theory and history.
  • Independently carry out research, develop a methodology and explore a design problem.
  • Conceptualize and realize a sophisticated body of work.
  • Articulate intentions, context and audience for project work.
  • Evaluate the pros and cons of a project’s outcome.
  • Respond to the constant change, social context, media and burgeoning technology in the field of contemporary design.
  • Articulate and realize a thesis artifact that exhibits mastery of contemporary graphic design theory and practice, and reflects a personal interest and direction for future design practice.

Interested in what our students have to say?  "Four Voices" is a collection of interviews with four graduate students from the MDes program.